Romeo and Juliet

William Shakespeare
Music by Sergei Prokofiev

Every story has its puppet. Searching for them is undoubtedly the key process and the most passionate process of our work. This is, perhaps, why we took 8 years to create this show, based on the music for Romeo and Juliet by Sergei Prokofiev and the text by William Shakespeare. We first needed to stage other texts, create other puppets. We should have been able to give birth (this is surely the best way of defining the process) to puppets that not only had to tell one of the most beautiful yet one of the saddest stories of our culture but also had to do so through the medium of one of the most extraordinary musical compositions.

The puppets we sought had to be able to fight hard, dance gracefully, love with both gentleness and passion, show anxiety when fate turned against them, to have and lose hope, to kill and to die.

In our search, we found the puppets of our Romeo and Juliet. They are enormous yet light. The textures and colours prevail over facial expression. At times, they are products of a dream; at times, of a nightmare. And, above all, they are extraordinarily dynamic and therefore able to set the rhythm and the tension of the events that lead us to the final tragedy.

Finally, of the 52 themes in Sergei Prokofiev’s score, we selected the 15 that best helped us to tell the story. The work of William Shakespeare has been transformed into a text for a narrator as our puppets cannot speak.

We hope that you share with us the excitement of this search.

“Congratulations to the Per Poc company, who used big puppets and beautiful stage work based on textile textures and colours to transmit the emotions of the music to theoretically inanimate puppets and who won over both the children and the adults in the audience.

Amalia Moreiras, Revista DOCE NOTAS


Dramatic adaptation of the work of W. Shakespeare: Albert Plans
Puppeteers: Santi Arnal, Alba Cerdeiriña, Anna Fernández, Berta Martí
Puppet design and construction: Santi Arnal, Anna Fernández, Martina Tosticarelli
Costume maker: Susana Garcia Montes
Stage production and lighting design: Pau Vila
Production: Anna Fernández

Choreographic collaboration: Cesc Gelabert
Stage Direction: Santi Arnal 


Musical Selection

Dance routines selected from the complete ballet of “Romeo and Juliet” and scene order for the show.

1. nº 27. The nurse gives Romeo the note from Julieta 
2. nº 33. Tybalt and Mercutio fight 
3. nº 3. The street awakens
4. nº 30. The people continue to make merry 
5. nº 13. Dance of the Knights 
6. nº 34. Mercutio dies 
7. nº 2. Romeo 
8. nº 35. Romeo decides to avenge Mercutio’s death 
9. nº 36. Finale
10. nº 7. The Prince gives his order 
11. nº 38. Romeo and Juliet (Juliet’s bedroom) 
12. nº 46. Juliet’s bedroom 
13. nº 49. Dance of the girls with lilies 
14. nº 12. Masks 
15. nº 52. Death of Juliet