A midsummer night's dream

William Shakespeare
Music by Felix Mendelssohn

The representation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Per Poc aims to go back to the roots of puppet theatre, where a single puppeteer is able to tell a story accompanied by inert characters to which the puppeteer gives life as they are needed for the story.

Who better than Puck—who plays with love, passion and feelings—to be the puppet master in our story? We have opted for a simple, even crude, build of puppet that is clearly neutral, in order to highlight the strength of Puck, the manipulator and protagonist who transports us into a magical story that is unreal yet credible thanks to the art of puppet theatre.

The material simplicity of this proposal, built out of paper, contrasts with and is complemented by the energy and precision of a large orchestra interpreting the incidental music of Felix Mendelssohn. With this tribute to simplicity, we would like to open the windows on imagination.

Enjoy the show!

 “The performances fused Mendelssohn’s composition with a theatrical performance presented by the puppeteer Daniela Wick, who brilliantly animated the human-scale puppets made of paper.”
“creating an impressive visual treat.”


Dramatic adaptation of the work of W. Shakespeare: Júlia Bel
Puppet design and construction: Santi Arnal, Anna Fernández and Martina Tosticarelli
Actor: Santi Arnal or Daniela Wick
Lighting: Cristina Rodriguez
Production: Anna Fernández
Stage direction: Santi Arnal

Musical selection

By Felix Mendelssohn. Incidental Music, Op. 61
Selected themes and scene order for the show:

1. No. 1. Overture
2. No. 3 – Act 2. March of the fairies, a partir del Allegro vivace
3. No. 11. Dance of the clowns Allegro molto
4. No. 2. Scherzo, Allegro vivace
5. No. 5. Intermezzo, Allegro appassionato
6. No. 7. Song with Chorus: Philomel, with melody, Allegro ma non troppo
7. No. 8. Nocturne, Andante tranquillo
8. No. 10. Marcia Funebre
9. No. 9. Wedding March